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A locally owned company, Movers & Shuckers provides a myriad of services to our valued customers. We are committed to meeting and exceeding our client’s expectations in each area of expertise we offer. Our organization utilizes the latest technology to maximize efficiency, provide timely services and quality products to our customers, and create a productive and safe work environment for our team. For information on M&S Grain Merchandising, click here.


M&S Grain Merchandising specializes in buying and selling grain. As a licensed grain elevator in Central Ohio, M&S Grain Merchandising’s bin system has a total capacity of 1.35M bushels. For more information, visit the company’s website.


Fields blanketed with fog and dew before sunrise, muddy boots, fingernails caked in dirt, callused hands, and a glistening brow; these are some memories our founder Jeremy Freer has growing up on his family’s dairy farm. At age 17, Jeremy became a Fredericktown Community Fire District volunteer firefighter, went on to attend Midwestern University, built a successful worldwide air ambulance company in Arizona, and at 3o years old, he founded Movers & Shuckers (M&S).

Passionate about the hard working and caring people that make up his hometown, Jeremy created M&S with the vision of bringing jobs to the area, donating time and funds to local organizations, aiding farmers with growing operations, and helping landowners pay their taxes while maintaining their land. Thanks to Jeremy’s vision and hard work, M&S continues to proudly serve Knox County and the Central Ohio community.

  • Jeremy Freer
    Founder & CEO
  • Jonathon Sharp
    Director of Farming
  • Eric Williams
    Director of Maintenance
  • Lynn Thayer
    Director of Farming Maintenance
  • June Duff
  • Shannon Beheler